Hi everyone!

My experience with fetal doppler has exceeded my expectations. I had 2 miscarriages before this pregnancy and I cannot express the relief and gratitude to have the ability to hear my baby’s heartbeat.

In my case I heard my baby’s heartbeat when I am on my 8th week but upon reading some blogs about fetal dopplers, I have read that some moms detect a fetal heart rate as early as 7th week. However, due to factors such as, the position of the fetus, size and shape of mother’s uterus, size of the mother’s body some people may not be able to hear the heartbeat until closer to 10-12 weeks (very tall and/or overweight people may have more difficulties hearing the heartbeat before 10 or 12 weeks).

I really enjoy listening to my baby’s heartbeat using a fetal doppler in the comfort of our own home, though sometimes it’s really hard to find my baby’s heartbeat due the frequently changing position, so it takes a lot of effort and patience but everything’s worth it once I start hearing my baby’s heartbeat.

And to keep memories, I just recorded my baby’s heartbeat with a fetal doppler! I even send it to my relatives over e-mail and they enjoyed listening to it! Sometimes it sounds like a galloping horse and sometimes like a steam train. It takes me so much time and effort to get my baby’s first heartbeat recording, we kept on trying for 10 minutes but the baby was sleeping, I drank a freezing cold Capri sun and the baby was up and away! No wonder I’m drinking so much of the stuff, my baby loves it! Lol.

My recording catches other sounds like “scratches” that’s me re-positioning the fetal doppler. Any watery sounds (like “baloomp”) is the baby swooshing around. Any definite thuds is probably the baby kicking. There’s a good few kicks in there!


I am 14w6d