Getting a good night’s sleep is very important to anyone especially to an expecting mom. Here are some tips to sleep soundly during pregnancy.


sleeping on left side

Find the best sleeping position – During the third trimester, sleeping on the back is not recommended as it puts extra pressure on the blood vessels that run behind the abdomen and carry blood back to the heart from the legs to the feet. Sleeping on the stomach is also not a good idea either since the stomach presses on the uterus. Experts recommend sleeping on the left side. It allows the best blood flow for the baby and to the uterus and kidneys.


Peeing pregnant

Drink lots of liquids during the day but cut down two hours before bedtime – Frequent urination is one of the common complaints of pregnant women. You don’t want your sleep to be interrupted just to pee (several times) in the middle of the night. Whenever urinating, always lift the belly to allow the bladder to completely empty. It’s also helpful to cut out caffeinated drinks like soda, coffee and tea.


relaxing mother

Exercise regularly – Doing regular exercises will help the expecting mom to stay healthy. It also improves circulation and reduce leg cramps. Exercise in the early part of the day to get a better sleep at night. Avoid rigorous exercises before going to bed. Instead do something relaxing like soaking in a warm bath for 15 minutes. Or do some relaxation and breathing techniques like yoga.


sleep pillow

Use special pregnancy pillows and mattresses to sleep better at night. You can also use a regular pillow for back support and another one under the tummy or between the knees. Aside from the added support, it will help you stay on your side and prevent you from rolling to your stomach or back.


mommy and baby sleeping

And it doesn’t stop here. Once the baby is born, that’s when mothers experience less sleep or sleep interruptions. A good tip is to catch your ZZZs at the same time when the baby is sleeping and to sleep near the baby’s room. Good night and sleep tight!  🙂