Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the warranty term on the products?

A: is the supplier of official Sonoline Doppelrs and we respect the 1 year comprehensive warranty  term for any damaged and faulty unit by replacing with new one. Due to existence of non genuine Sonoline products in the market any purchase from a third party website will not be covered by


Q: How does the Doppler work‏?

A: It bounces sound waves off your baby’s heart. The motion that your baby’s heart makes when it’s beating changes the shape of these sound waves. The baby Doppler picks up these changed sound waves and amplifies them in the form of your baby’s heartbeat. There hasn’t been any extensive research done on the safety of the device but the general consensus is that baby Dopplers are probably safe to use in moderation.


Q: How soon can I hear the baby’s heartbeat?

A: The baby’s heart starts to beat at around 6 weeks. Your doctor may be able to find it by using a Doppler as early as 10 weeks, but it’s more common to hear it using a handheld Doppler at 12 weeks. The baby’s heartbeat should be audible 95% of the time in 12-week pregnancies, and nearly 100% of the time after 14 weeks.


Q: Do I need a gel? Where can I purchase one‏?

A: Ultrasound gel is important when using a baby doppler. The ultrasound gel is needed to be applied on the skin to help with the transmission of the waves. Ultrasound gel is specially formulated to act as a coupling agent and reduce static that is often caused when using a baby Doppler. To get optimal use and sound out of a baby Doppler use plenty of gel. Do not use colored gels or lotions. Any oil based substance used with a baby Doppler will cause excess static and can damage the Doppler probe. You can purchase it online at


Q: How long does it take to ship the product‏?

A: All orders are shipped the same day from Toronto-Ontario by CANADA POST Expedited Service. Customers will receive a tracking number when the shipment leaves the facility. 3-5 business days is the standard delivery time across Canada.


Q: What is your return policy?

A: Our Dopplers have a 14 day period for return if the package has not been opened and the seal is not broken. The customer would be responsible for shipping cost of the product to our location in Canada where original shipment was sent from.Refund of the return item would be done only when the shipment is received by our facility. All UNOPENED returns must have customer information or order number in order for the return to be processed. The customer is responsible for any loss and damage. For more information about warranty, please click on the link HERE


Q: What is the difference between the 2MHz and 3MHz probe‏?

A: Most baby heartbeat monitors are equipped with either a 2 or 3 MHz probe. MHz stands for “megahertz” which is a unit of measurement for frequency. The higher the frequency, the shorter in duration is the period and the shorter is the wavelength. While the lower the frequency, the longer in duration is the period and the longer is the wavelength.

With a 2MHz probe the beam is narrow and direct which helps it penetrate deeper (about 3 to 5 cm compared to 1 to 2 cm. A 2 MHz probe tends to work best after 10-12 weeks and on overweight or very tall women.

On the other hand, a 3MHz probe has a wider beam so it is more sensitive than a 2MHz probe and can pick up baby’s heartbeat as early as 8-10 weeks gestation. Typically though, a 3 MHz probe works better early on and throughout the rest of the pregnancy.


Q: What batteries are needed for the products‏?

A: All our products use 2 AA size batteries which are easy to find.


Q: What is the difference between Sonoline B and Sonoline C?

A: Sonoline C has a colored LED screen while Sonoline B has a digital screen. The Sonoline C probe has agronomic curved design which makes it easier to use while Sonoline B has a straight probe. Both models are identical in terms of strength and clarity of sound.

Q: I purchased a Doppler through Ebay or other third party vendors and is not working. What can I do ?

A: Since the original purchase was note done through, you must contact your seller to find out if they offer any services including return or repair. is only responsible for products which has been purchased through it official website.

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